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The Man

Last Update: 8/9/2006 2:46 PM
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7/30/2006 2:46 AM

Ho bisogno di un parere:

You listen to all the lies that they say
You believe in everything that you read 'bout your hero
Think of all the delusions
Waiting for a conclusion
Death, without any doubt
Even though they want to live

Slowly fade away while we care 'bout a book
History dictated by someone
No proofs
As you're blinded
And as your mind dissipates
And will be safely corrupted

Who knows who was there?
Who can survive while they're the virus of Earth?
Who can still believe to a book?
Who can survive while the fools are around us?
Who will guide us to open our mind
very quietly and safely?

They said: "You're the only one who can save us...
you're the only one who can guide us to the truth
who can guide us in search of our spirit
of our rebel mind"
And still, who knows who are you?
Who knows The Man?

As a martyr
As a killer
He was killed for us, they say
I can't see no results
"The spirit of the mind will come inside me
I need a cross!"

"I need a damn cross!
I need a damn cross!
I need a damn cross!
I need a damn cross"
What a lie...
What a lie...

Standing proudly with my ignorance and my infidelity
Shadows of the history became more significant
Arrogance and ignorance will own the world
The books and the believing will be killed
Damn you, you believing liars
I need you, My Little Wing!

And now...I can hardly see what's in there
A brilliant white light hit me...
It's doing it again
It's hard to see My Wing with this powerful light
This light that creates new games
New thinkings, and new hopes

You should enter the light, look through the eyes of The Man
And scream to him:
"I'm not living a life, I'm living a whole lie full of suffering
I never had a life, She never had a life
It's time you should save one
And bring you upon non-believers"

Hands to the sky
All of us we're crying
Nothing changed
Destruction has been made
Look him in the eyes, watch his suffering
Sadically laugh, and kill him again

Before I will say goodbye, My Little Wing
I simply need your help
Fetch me the spirit, give me the power of the flames
Give me the power of the five senses
Give me the power of the nature
Give me my cross

Che melodia mettereste a questo mio testo? Lenta e psichedelica o cos'altro?
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